The original corporate finance business was started by Rupert Pearce Gould in 1986. The intention was always to provide top level advice at competitive rates.
We specialise in providing a personalised service directly to owners, ceo's and chairmen.

Do you have a growth business or a great idea then come and see us. Normally we would assume that you have tested the idea with friends and family - whether large or small. We aim to be either the business's first point of contact with investment professionals or act for a group if it needs some independent advice for shareholders' or a group of directors'. We have done such complicated transactions as buying 5 companies at the same time.

For the mature business we have advised on resolving pension issues or moving with a compulsory purchase notice pending. We have advised listed companies and conducted transactions under the city code on take-overs.

Or perhaps it is strategic advice that might include inter alia
a) using technology whether it is disruptive, incremental or frugal; or
b) discussions with major shareholders to convince them of a course of action.

We are prepared to act as experts or value a business but our preference is for a live transaction. We do not believe that a transaction has to happen – we have on occasion advised against an event believing that the clients should have an honest commercial opinion.

Contact us and have an introductory discussion. We will then construct the client agreement and clearly define the project. We are happy to work with other advisers typically tax and legal; or we can recommend ones that are appropriate for the project being considered.

"Top level advice at reasonable rates.
A personal service."